Jesse’s Mom’s Arepas

Jesse’s mom and abuelita made these for us when we went for a visit to his home in Connecticut and they were so good! Jesse had been talking about them since we started dating so I was excited to be able to watch his mom in the kitchen so I could learn to make them! They are great for breakfast; when we made them, we ate them with avocado and eggs.

Take around two cups of precooked corn flour (you can find this in the hispanic or international section of the grocery store) and mix with a large spoonful of salt and two or two and a half of hot water. Mix this until it forms a dough that doesn’t “crack” when you form it into a pancake shape. To this, mix in two handfuls–or more–of shredded cheese; we just get the ‘mexican’ blend, but don’t get the kind with the spices. Also add a pat of melted butter.

Get a frying pan really hot and get your first arepa ready; it should be about 1/2″ thick and maybe 6″ in diameter. We made ours smaller so they cooked faster. Cook the first one for about 4 minutes on each side– so it gets “toasty” as Jesse’s mom says, and then test it out. If it’s too bland, add more salt and cheese . Don’t worry if the middle is still soft when it first comes off the pan; it will firm up when it starts to cool and all the ingredients are precooked anyway.

Besides eating with eggs and avocado, like we mentioned earlier, Jesse likes to melt a ton of butter on his. They are really best served right off the pan!


5 responses to “Jesse’s Mom’s Arepas

  1. these look bomb. oh man.

  2. Las arepas se ven deliciosas!

  3. i want some.

    this blog is great yall.

  4. Jesse! i love this blog, believe it or not i’ve been doing some cooking around the house and I’ve been looking for some new recipes to try out. Lauren, I haven’t met you yet but everything looks delicious! Good work!

    Hopefully we’ll have a family get together soon!


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