Parsley Potato Breakfast Hash

Breakfast potatoes are one of those things that you think are a no-brainer until you try to fry a raw potato for the first time. With a few simple steps, you can make a delicious and easy breakfast that’s a healthy update to traditional fried potatoes.

Before you put the potatoes on the pan, you’ll need to partially cook them, or they will take forever and be crunchy in the middle and burned on the outside. You can either quarter and boil them for twenty minutes (start with the potatoes in cold water and then bring to a boil) or microwave for three to five minutes (until they are partially cooked). I like the boil method, as it gives a more even cooking. Strain the potatoes and rinse in cool water. While they are cooling, roughly chop a handful of parsley, an onion (in large pieces), and a few cloves of garlic and heat up some canola or olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Chop the potatoes as small or large as you would like. Throw the onion and garlic in the pan and saute until translucent and then add the potatoes. Add salt, pepper, paprika and chili pepper in your preferred proportions. We added a package of vegan sausage, but if you are meat eaters, feel free to add regular sausage and fry with the potatoes for another few minutes, until all are brown.

Stir in the chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice. We served with a bit of toast and coffee! This is a filling breakfast– it has carbohydrates and protein so you don’t really need much else. We used four small potatoes and a small package of veggie sausage and still had leftovers for each of us for the next day, so plan accordingly!


One response to “Parsley Potato Breakfast Hash

  1. This looks so yummy!! And something I could eat because I’m vegetarian.

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