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Lemon Vanilla Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Cheese Icing

We meant to make strawberry cupcakes, but I procrastinated a little bit and the strawberries started to go bad– oops. I still wanted to make cupcakes, though, so I improvised big time and decided to use some lemons we had kicking around. These came out great– they are dense but moist, and the lemon gives them a great kick. The frosting, though, is the best part; it has the consistency of whipped cream but it tastes like cream cheese. I really heaped on the frosting because it’s so good; this recipe will give you the right proportions to give each cupcake a generous amount of frosting!

Click here for the recipe and more photos!


Double Layer Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fudge

I know I shouldn’t admit this, but I have been eating pieces of this fudge for breakfast. It’s just so good, I can’t help it. The hardest part about this recipe was figuring out the proportions of sugar to peanut butter, etc. but that’s all done now, so enjoy this easy fudge! Just a warning, you will either need to do a lot of whisking, or get an electric blender for the peanut butter fudge, so I suggest tracking down an electric blender/mixer/food processor.

Click here for the recipe and more photos!

Lemon Bars with Blueberry Balsamic Reduction

These are so good– flaky pastry, tart lemon, oozy blueberry. Deceptively easy to make, too, and perfect for summer! We just slopped on the blueberry sauce, but if you were feeling creative, I’m sure these could be decorated even more beautifully.

Click here for the recipe and more photos!

Cheddar Cauliflower Bake

This is some serious Americana. Jesse and I both grew up eating relatively ethnic foods, (Hispanic and Italian) so I like to try something new every now and then and make a casserole. This one is really cheesy and good, but it’s definitely a side dish, not a main, or you might be in cheese overload.

Click here for the recipe and more photos!

Lemon Parsley Garlic Bread

We made this beast of a garlic bread the other night and man, oh man, was it good. Seriously, words cannot describe. We had some serious garlic breath, though. This guy is so easy and so impressive and delicious; I think it’s my favorite recipe so far.

Click here for the recipe and more photos!

Jesse’s Mom’s Arepas

Jesse’s mom and abuelita made these for us when we went for a visit to his home in Connecticut and they were so good! Jesse had been talking about them since we started dating so I was excited to be able to watch his mom in the kitchen so I could learn to make them! They are great for breakfast; when we made them, we ate them with avocado and eggs.

Click here for the recipe and more photos!