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Arancini- Italian Rice Balls

This was one of my favorite recipes when I was a kid; my parents would buy them from the Italian store! We would eat them with our hands as a snack. These are also great with tomato sauce on top as part of a larger meal, or you can make them small and serve them as an appetizer. They are so delicious and are both kid friendly and impressive for an adult dinner!

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Spicy Lemongrass Thai Rice

Jesse requested a rice recipe last weekend. He is away for a few weeks this summer working on his masters and has been subject to bad college cafeteria food; I told him when he came back to visit I would make him whatever he wanted. Apparently the dining hall doesn’t have any “fresh food” or “vegetarian options” and “all their salad dressings are nasty.” Lucky for him I made a ton of food as usual and sent him back with leftovers!

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Roasted Pepper Risotto

Here’s an easy risotto recipe that has a lot of flavor and color! We roasted the peppers ourselves, but you could easily use roasted red peppers from a jar or can to cut down on preparation time. It takes about an hour to cook, but most of that time is just the rice sitting on the stove top, so you can spend time doing other things while the meal is cooking! We made a lot of risotto so we would have leftovers to make rice balls with. For two people you would want half of this recipe.

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